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MARCH 12, 2017

     The liberal media is a major problem and danger.  Martin R. Schneider worked at a small Philadelphia company that edits and rewrites resumes when suddenly a client communicating through email became "impossible. Rude, dismissive, ignoring my questions."  Schneider later noticed, because of a shared inbox, he had accidentally signed his emails as "Nicole," a co-worker. When he began communicating with the client correctly as himself,  there was an "immediate improvement" in their relationship.

     Schneider, of Center City, and Nicole Hallberg, who lives in Delaware County, decided to try an experiment: they switched genders and communicated with their clients as each other.  This happened in 2014. On Thursday, Schneider took to Twitter because he was inspired by International Women's Day the day before, he liked to tell stories through tweets, and "I was bored on my lunch break."  His tweets went viral. His first tweet had garnered 8,400 retweets by 8 p.m. Friday and the story generated a flood of responses from women sharing similarly painful experiences.

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