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FEBRUARY 14, 2017

     President Donald Trump lost one boast, Jerusalem - it would be bad if he lost the Wall and Mexico didn't pay.  In what could be his first official trip abroad since becoming secretary of state, the State Department announced that Rex Tillerson will travel to Mexico sometime in the next few weeks.  What would normally be a fairly routine visit for the United States’ top diplomat looks to be anything but as the trip comes at a time of newly strained relations between Washington and one of its closest allies. President Trump’s executive order on immigration and the border wall and his fiery rhetoric on issues ranging from border security to free trade have caused major blowback south of the border and iced over the once warm diplomatic relations between the two nations.

      Mexico needs the US more than the US needs it - that doesn't mean they don't need each other.  The US has been used enough - equal trade deals are needed and expected.

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