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FEBRUARY 10, 2017

     Newspapers are dead, not buried, yet.  Republican Gov. John Kasich repeated his belief in the importance of the free press Wednesday as tensions between the media and the administration of President Donald Trump remain high.  The former congressman and 2016 presidential contender declined to directly take on Trump, who he refused to endorse, campaign with or vote for last year, while speaking to editors and publishers convened by the Ohio Newspaper Association.
     But Kasich said he wanted to see the industry survive and thrive.  "I'd like to stand for all of you, for all of you who have real content, for all of you who've decided in a really crazy, changing world that your point of view, your editorials, your writings, your articles are critically important," Kasich said.  Kasich sided with Trump on the sanctuary cities issue, saying he believes the president is right to oppose their efforts to enact certain immigrant protections.

     Newspapers are only good for the advertising and general inserts they provide.  The news is dated because of the delay in organizing, printing and delivery of the newspaper - there wed presence is faster.

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