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FEBRUARY 2, 2017

     President Donald Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch, a fast-rising conservative judge with a writer’s flair, to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, a selection to spark a fierce fight with Democrats over a jurist who could shape America’s legal landscape for decades to come.  At 49, Gorsuch is the youngest Supreme Court nominee in a quarter-century. He’s distinguished himself on the Denver-based 10th Circuit Court of Appeals with his clear, colloquial writing, advocacy for court review of government regulations, defense of religious freedom and skepticism toward law enforcement.

     Gorsuch’s nomination was cheered by conservatives wary of Trump’s own fluid ideology. If confirmed by the Senate, he will fill the seat left vacant by the death last year of Antonin Scalia, long the right’s most powerful voice on the high court.  Some Democrats, still smarting over Trump’s unexpected victory in the presidential election, have vowed to mount a vigorous challenge to nearly any nominee to what they view as the court’s “stolen seat.”

     Former President Obama got to chose two very liberal women to the Supreme Court - it's time for a change.  They can cry and pout but Gorsuch will be the next Justice.

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