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Ferguson Bakery Vandalized During Protests Receives $200,000 In Donations
A Missouri bakery nearly destroyed by violent protests in Ferguson this week has received more than $200,000 in donations from Good Samaritans helping to rebuild the popular cake shop. Business owner Natalie DuBose opened "Natalie’s Cakes and More" in June about a block away from the Ferguson Police Department, according to Fox affiliate KTVI. DuBose's bakery saw a flow of steady customers until protesters vandalized it Monday night after the announcement that a grand jury will not indict a white police officer in the shooting death of an 18-year-old black man in Ferguson. Fox News
VOA VIEW: Looters and rioters should be met with swift force.

Men Suffering From Depression May Also Suffer In The Bedroom
Depression affects around 350 million people worldwide and can have a devastating impact on your life and relationships, including in the bedroom. Sadly, when it comes to depression and low libido, men tend to suffer the most. Whereas women can say “Not tonight, I have a headache,” men often feel that avoiding sex somehow emasculates them or changes the way their partner views them. And, to be honest, many times women do not understand that all men aren’t in the mood for sex sometimes, even if they aren’t depressed. It’s just one of many urban legends in this country that needs to be debunked if men and women are going to able to communicate honestly in the bedroom. Fox News

No Cut In Oil Production And Prices Keep Falling
OPEC countries failed Thursday to agree to a cut in oil production that was desperately sought by some member states worried about the recent drop in prices. Officials met for six hours of negotiations in Vienna. It would have been the first cut in production since 2008. But Saudia Arabia, the largest among OPEC members, was against the cut in output -- in a bid to retain market share and hold off competition from U.S. shale production. Brent crude, the European benchmark, was down by about 7% at $72.60 after it was announced that production will remain around 30 million barrels a day. The price of light crude, the U.S. benchmark, plunged about 7% to below $69 per barrel. CNN


Health Insurance Sign-Ups Coming To Shopping Malls
The Obama administration will promote health insurance coverage at shopping malls starting on Black Friday and continuing through the busiest shopping days of the holiday season, officials announced Wednesday. They said more than 462,000 people selected a private insurance plan in the first week of 2015 enrollment through the online marketplace HealthCare.gov. The government's enrollment push with Westfield Shopping Centers will involve setting up outreach tables at malls in Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, New York and Washington state. Separately, the California insurance marketplace, Covered California, will work with Westfield malls in that state. CNS News

Barclays Says Its Swiss Private Bank Drops Out Of U.S. Tax Deal
Barclays' private bank in Switzerland has dropped out of a U.S. program aimed at cracking down on wealthy Americans evading taxes through hidden offshore accounts, the British bank's market head for Switzerland said on Thursday. "We have recently exited the program," Barclays executive Francesco Grosoli said at an event in Zurich, adding that the bank had done so "three or four months ago" after evaluating its options and seeking advice. Grosoli did not elaborate. A host of Swiss banks have come forward to join the program, which requires them to hand out some previously hidden information and potentially face penalties of up to 50 percent of assets they managed on behalf of U.S. clients. Reuters

Toyota Recalls More Cars For Dangerous Takata Air Bags
Toyota Motor Corp said on Thursday it would recall 57,000 vehicles globally to replace potentially deadly air bags made by Takata Corp, as a safety crisis around the Japanese auto parts maker looks far from being contained. Toyota's action follows a recall by rival Honda Motor Co for the same problem two weeks ago after revelations of a fifth death, in Malaysia, linked to Takata's air bag inflator. More than 16 million vehicles have been recalled worldwide since 2008 over Takata's air bag inflators, which can explode with too much force and spray metal fragments into the car. Reuters

Pope's Visit To Turkey Leader Erdogan's Ak Saray Stirs Controversy
He's championed austerity, condemned greed and been dubbed "The People's Pope." But during a visit to Ankara on Friday, Pope Francis is scheduled to visit a new $615-million palace seen by many Turks as a symbol of excess and their president's autocratic rule. The pontiff will become the first foreign dignitary to visit the 1,000-room presidential residence that's been nicknamed Ak Saray — or "White Palace." Some of the building's critics have urged him to cancel his visit for fear it would condone a construction project they deem not just extravagant, but illegal. The palace is the largest presidential residence in the world. It is 30 times the size of the White House. MSNBC


Obama Offers ‘Profound Gratitude’ To Military Before Thanksgiving Feast
Before he feasted on a Thanksgiving meal with six kinds of pie, President Obama called U.S. troops from each of the five military branches to thank them for their service on behalf of the nation. Mr. Obama offered “his profound gratitude” to representatives of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. The White House said the president “noted that while they were engaged in distinct missions — from supporting the effort to stamp out Ebola on the frontlines to helping to prosecute the campaign against [the Islamic State] — their objective was singular: the safety and security of the American people.” Washington Times

IRS Paying Millions In Bonuses To Employees Who Are Tax Scofflaws
IRS employees who made “unintentional” mistakes on their taxes are still eligible to get bonuses this fiscal year, the agency confirmed this week. Commissioner John Koskinen announced the bonuses in an email to employees on Monday, saying they were a way to reward long-suffering staffers who have put up with budget and workforce cuts and are still keeping the agency humming. But the payout, worth millions of dollars in taxpayers’ money, isn’t sitting well with congressional critics, who said it sends the wrong message at a time when the agency is reeling from several scandals, and when even staffers who are delinquent on their taxes can collect bonuses. Washington Post

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Leaves Hospital After Heart Stent Implanted
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was released from the hospital Thursday after having a heart stent implanted to clear a blocked artery, a Supreme Court spokeswoman said. The 81-year-old jurist was sent home and was expected to be at work when the court hears its next round of oral arguments on Monday, spokesman Kathy Arberg said. Ginsburg was rushed to MedStar Washington Hospital Center late Tuesday after experiencing discomfort during exercise with a personal trainer. She has had a series of health problems, including colorectal cancer in 1999 and pancreatic cancer in 2009. CBS

Iran's Leader Doesn't Oppose More Nuclear Talks
Iran's top leader on Thursday said he would not stand in the way of continued nuclear negotiations with world powers and would accept a "fair" agreement, but vowed not to bow to bullying by the United States. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei spoke on Iranian state television, saying "I am not opposed to the extension of the talks, for the same reason that I wasn't opposed to the talks per se." Khamenei said Washington frequently changes its stances toward Iran in the talks because of its domestic problems, a reference to differences between President Obama and Republicans who now control the U.S. Congress. "They raise a word today. The other they withdraw from it, because of domestic problems," said Khamenei. ABC

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Mexico’s Pena Nieto Calls For Changes To Boost Rule Of Law
President Enrique Pena Nieto proposed sweeping changes to Mexico’s security strategy that include putting local police under state command following the alleged kidnap and murder of 43 college students. Pena Nieto said he’ll send Congress an initiative on Dec. 1 to amend the constitution, turning 1,800 local police forces into 32 state units. He also pledged to boost security and economic opportunity in the nation’s south, among the regions most plagued by poverty and organized crime, including the state of Guerrero where the students went missing. Bloomberg

Hackers Force Message On Websites Via US Firm
A U.S. firm that helps connect more than 700 companies with customers through social media says a Syrian group hacked the company's web address to upload a message to other websites. The executive says hackers rerouted Internet traffic from its website to a computer server that generated a message to visitors that their site had been hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. Published reports noted the message appeared on websites for several UK newspapers, CNBC and the National Hockey League. Gigya says no user or company data was compromised in the hack. Las Vegas Sun

Powdered Measles Vaccine Shows Promise In Early Clinical Trials
No more arm pricks and colorful bandages for kids getting their measles vaccination. A new vaccine for the virus is making headway in early clinical trials -- and it comes in powder form, taken not through injection but inhalation. "Delivering vaccines in the conventional way, with needle injections, poses some serious challenges, especially in resource-poor parts of the world," Robert Sievers, a professor in the University of Colorado Boulder's Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, explained in recent press release. UPI


Pot-Positive Traffic Fatalities Up 100% In Colorado
At first blush, it may appear that the fight to thwart marijuana legalization is a lost cause. Pot pushers want you to believe that legalization is inevitable. They point to legalization successes this November in Alaska, Oregon, and the District of Columbia. But Big Pot lost in Florida, and five cities in pot-crazy Colorado outlawed the sale of marijuana, including Lakewood, Canon City, Palisade, Palmer Lake and Ramah. And now comes the latest Gallup poll from Nov. 6, which shows that support for marijuana legalization is down seven points from last year, from 58 percent to 51 percent. Even liberal support for legalization dropped four points from last year. CNS News

Offshore Oil Drilling Inspires Maritime Conflicts Across The Globe
Wherever there are humans, human conflict is not far behind, and when humans (and their human interests) move into uncharted territories, conflict follows. Perhaps the Space Race rivalry between the U.S. and the Soviet Union is the greatest example of this reality, but there's another similar scenario closer to home -- the race to monopolize offshore oil resources. It's a race that involves not just two geopolitical powerhouses, but countries and companies across the globe. UPI

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Diplomats Make Trade Deal To Cut Red Tape, Poverty
After many years of talking, the World Trade Organization pulled off a major deal Thursday that could boost global commerce by $1 trillion annually. Diplomats said the deal is the first multilateral trade agreement in the organization's 20-year history. Agreement has been difficult to reach because WTO deals require the unanimous backing of its 160 member countries. "Once in force, it will help developing countries better integrate into the global economy, intensify regional integration and lift millions out of poverty," said European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom. WTO Director-General Roberto Azevedo said the deal is now operational but will come into force once two-thirds of the members have officially accepted it. ABC

Bank Holding Company Bonds Fray As Traders Fret Over Risk
New rules that will govern the world’s biggest banks are already distorting Europe’s credit market at least five years before they take effect. Senior bonds sold by Barclays Plc and Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc yield as much as 38 basis points more than equivalent securities issued by the units they use to make loans. There was little difference in yields before this month. The divergence underscores growing investor concern that senior bonds sold by parent holding companies could suffer losses if a bank fails, while debt of the operating companies will remain intact -- a scenario regulators endorse. Investors are also anticipating a surge in issuance of senior debt that can be written down as lenders prepare for the biggest overhaul of financial debt in a generation. Bloomberg

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Israel Accuses UN Investigators Of Turning Blind Eye To errorism
Israel on Thursday accused United Nations special investigators of ignoring the deaths of innocent Israelis and singling out the Jewish state by attacking its policy of demolishing terrorist homes. In the last two months the UN’s special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories, Makarim Wibisono, has not issued any statement condemning terror attacks that killed Israelis in recent months, including the one in the Har Nof neighborhood in which four rabbis and a policeman were killed. Similarly, UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing Leilani Farina has not commented on the hundreds of homes Egypt has destroyed along the Rafah border in the last month to prevent Hamas from digging smuggling tunnels. Jerusalem Post

Yemen Raid: Rescuers Missed Western Hostages
US and Yemeni troops who freed eight people held by al-Qaeda in eastern Yemen this week were also looking for Western hostages, it has emerged. A Briton, an American and a South African were among five captives now believed to have been moved two days earlier, US and Yemeni officials said. Six Yemenis, a Saudi and an Ethiopian were rescued in the operation. There have been a series of conflicting reports about US involvement in the raid and the hostages' nationalities. BBC

Israel 'Foils Hamas Cell Planning Jerusalem Attacks'
Israel's internal security service says it has uncovered a Hamas cell in the West Bank that was planning to carry out a series of attacks in Jerusalem. Shin Bet said it had arrested more than 30 militants who were trained abroad, and recovered weapons and explosives. They planned to kidnap Israelis and their targets for attack included a football stadium in Jerusalem and the city's light rail system, it alleged. The arrests come at a time of rising Israeli-Palestinians tension. Over the past month, 11 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians, including four rabbis and a policeman who were stabbed and shot at a synagogue in Jerusalem last week. Twelve Palestinians have also been killed, including several of those who carried out the attacks. BBC

Bill Cosby Resigns From Fundraising Post At Alma Mater
The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, is the latest American college to distance itself from embattled entertainer and alumnus Bill Cosby amid allegations the once family friendly star sexually assaulted more than a dozen women. For decades, Cosby has been involved in higher education, sitting on advisory boards, lending his name to scholarships and donating millions to numerous institutions, especially historically black colleges. UMass Amherst, where Cosby received a master’s and a doctorate in education, said in a statement on Wednesday that the comedian agreed to resign as the honorary co-chair of the school’s ongoing $300m fundraising campaign, the Boston Globe reported. Guardian

Germany Poised To Say Yes To €1.1M A Patient Gene Therapy Drug
The western world’s first gene therapy drug is set to go on sale in Germany, with a price tag that could amount to an £870,000 cost to treat a single patient. Glybera, a treatment for the rare genetic condition lipoprotein lipase deficiency (LPLD), which clogs the blood with fat, has been developed by Dutch biotech firm UniQure and Italian marketing marketing partner Chiesi. It is undergoing an assessment of benefits by Germany’s federal joint committee, which will report by April 2015. Guardian

Cushions And Crudites: The Demands Of Hillary Clinton
It was a list of requirements worthy of a Hollywood diva, from the temperature of the water in the carafe, to shape of the chair cushions and the crispness of the crudité, nothing was left to chance when Hillary Clinton came to speak the University of Californian at Los Angeles (UCLA) earlier this year. The new details of the former Secretary of State’s extensive personal requirements for one of her $300,000 [£190,000] speaking engagements emerged yesterday, fuelling suggestions that she has become increasingly out-of-touch with ordinary people. “Coffee, tea, room temp sparkling and still water, diet ginger ale, hummus and sliced fruit,” requested Mrs Clinton’s advance team, according to emails obtained by The Washington Post under freedom of information laws. Telegraph

Concern About Drones As Number Of Near Misses Surges In Recent Months
The opening of the skies to unmanned drones has led to a surge in near misses according to new figures released by the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington.
Since June pilots have told safety administrators of 25 near misses, incidents which could have had catastrophic consequences. Incidents have been reported across the country from a Jet Blue flight arriving at LaGuardia airport earlier this month to close calls at Norfolk, Virginia and New Orleans, Louisiana. America is not alone. Only last month a drone came within 82 feet of a passenger plane landing at Southend Airport. Telegraph

Structural Reforms Can Help Poorest Countries Break 'Vicious' Economic Circle
The world's poorest countries are trapped in an economic vicious circle, which pins them in poverty and must be reversed if new development goals are to be met, according to a newly released report from United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). The Least Developed Countries Report 2014 argues that those nations, known as “LDCs” are the battleground on which the UN-led post-2015 development agenda will be won or lost. UN News

Obesity-Related Cancers On Rise, Especially In Developed Countries
Being overweight or obese have become major risk factors for developing cancer, particularly among women and in more developed countries, the specialized cancer agency of the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) reported today. Overweight and obesity are responsible for an estimated 481,000 – or 3.6 per cent – of all new cancer cases in 2012, and reducing such health issues at the population level could have significant health benefits, according to a new study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). UN News

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